Abandon and Maintain


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Abandon verb – To stop doing (something) permanently.
Usage example: marriage customs that were abandoned decades ago

Maintain is an antonym for abandon in relinquish topic.
Nearby Words: abandoned, abandonment, abandoning
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Maintain verb – To continue to declare to be true or proper despite opposition or objections.
Usage example: part of debating is learning to maintain your position in the face of harsh challenges

Abandon is an antonym for maintain in topics: support, assert, keep up.
Nearby Words: maintained, maintaining, maintainable, maintainability
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Similar words of abandon
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Similar words of maintain
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Common collocations

sense abandon sense maintain sense
power abandon power maintain power
life abandon life maintain life
position abandon position maintain position
Other nouns: body, identity, world, identities.

Both words in one sentence

  • When all the other children abandon the fad, he tries to maintain his independence by going on the bombing run anyway.
  • Most of Adams' heroes maintain their sanity by being ready to abandon it at the drop of a hat.
  • In the first post-Soviet decade, its military was engaged in bloody, indecisive war in Chechnya, had to abandon its only space station and struggled to maintain influence over the other former Soviet republics and remain a major power.
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