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Abide verb – To have a home.
Usage example: the charming fantasy that fairies abide in the cup-shaped flowers dotting the woodland floor

Stay is a synonym for abide in continue topic. In some cases you can use "Stay" instead a verb "Abide", when it comes to topics like state, keep, duration, linger. popular alternative
Nearby Words: abiding, abidance
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Stay verb – To continue to be in a place for a significant amount of time.
Usage example: let's stay inside this pavilion until it stops raining

Abide is a synonym for stay in remain topic. You can use "Abide" instead a verb "Stay", if it concerns topics such as keep, duration, continue, linger. archaic substitute
Nearby Words: stayed, staying
Synonyms for Stay

Common collocations

guy abide guy stay guy
land abide land stay land
time abide time stay time
anyone abide anyone stay anyone

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Papers, Please In order to keep the government off your back and stay in the black, you need to abide to their standards, no matter how oppressive they are or how much they'll weigh on your conscience.
  • Comic Strip / Calvin and Hobbes In at least one case he concludes that since everyone is going to die and stay dead forever, there was no reason to abide by any rules, and he decides to lead a life of shameless hedonism.
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