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Ability noun – The physical or mental power to do something.
Gifts and ability are semantically related In some cases you can use "Gifts" instead a noun "Ability".
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Defintions of Gifts not found.
Ability and gifts are semantically related in talent topic. You can use "Ability" instead a noun "Gifts".
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  • Film / Lemonade Mouth Also played with in the film: while the rest of her family have more traditional intellectual gifts and her brothers are child geniuses, Stella's advanced and very visible leadership ability is now considered an advanced natural talent/gifted ability.
  • Neither genetic gifts, nor Training from Hell can grant a human being the ability to shrug off the laws of physics or biology.
  • Five Races: Humans, dwarves, hradani, elves, and halflings; the latter four are actually descended from mainline humans, but traded the general ability to use magic for different gifts.
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