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Above adverb – To or in a higher place.
Greater than and above are semantically related. in more topic. In some cases you can use "Greater than" instead a preposition "Above", when it comes to topics like more than.
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Greater than

Defintions of Greater than not found.
Above and greater than are semantically related. You can use "Above" instead a preposition phrase "Greater than".
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  • Wrestling / The Shield Both stables focus(ed) on unity over solidarity, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, and teamwork above all else.
  • How someone crass can raise above a baser instinct and want to change something or say something straight from the heart, that is far greater than something sugar-coated.
  • Literature / The Silmarillion He is described as "a dark creature greater than a mountain with its head above the clouds, crowned with smoke and fire, and the light of his eyes drove the lesser Ainur to madness".
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