Above and Underneath


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Above adverb – To or in a higher place.
Usage example: we eventually got used to the planes constantly flying above

Underneath is an antonym for above in over topic.
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Underneath adverb – In or to a lower place.
Above is an antonym for underneath.
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Similar words of above
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Similar words of underneath
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Both words in one sentence

  • Combining these two rules in two overlapping rooms could allow Duke to safely teleport above or underneath a room where he could have died otherwise.
  • The solution, of course, is to use Item-1 to float up past the big glaring open areas underneath or above the less-shielded turrets, thereby bypassing the shields.
    Source: Puzzle Boss
  • Video Game / Streets of Rage Do all of the above even if you are hundreds of feet in the air above the police car's position, or underneath a roof on a moving ferry ship.
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