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Absolutely adverb – Totally and definitely; without question.
Quite is a synonym for absolutely in exclamation topic. In some cases you can use "Quite" instead an adverb "Absolutely", when it comes to topics like completely, big, totally, utterly. popular alternative
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Quite adverb – To a full extent or degree.
Usage example: are you quite sure you have permission to go?

Absolutely is a synonym for quite in exclamation topic. You can use "Absolutely" instead an adverb "Quite", if it concerns topics such as completely, big, totally, utterly. popular alternative
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  • The other is his chamberlain, who is completely stoic about absolutely everything and tends to be quite snarky in his conversations with the player.
  • Kaiju: The biggest Warpath creatures, Hidden By Clouds and Titan of the New World, are absolutely colossal (Skraar is pretty big too, although not to quite the same scale).
  • Teens Are Monsters He was also quite fond of making it absolutely clear that A God Am I to anyone who crossed his path.
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