Absolutely and Truly


Absolutely adverb - Totally and definitely; without question.

Truly is a synonym for absolutely in precisely topic. In some cases you can use "Truly" instead the word "Absolutely" as an adverb or a interjection, when it comes to topics like really, definitely, indeed, certainly. popular alternative

Nearby Words: absolute, absolution, absoluteness


Truly adverb - To tell the truth.
Usage example: truly, I had no idea you were throwing me a party

Absolutely is a synonym for truly in really topic. You can use "Absolutely" instead the word "Truly" as an adverb or a interjection, if it concerns topics such as precisely, indeed. popular alternative

Nearby Word: truism

Both words in one sentence

  • Rage Quit The one game that he truly and absolutely rage quit on was Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, absolutely furious over the ending to the game.
    Source: Rage Quit
  • Theatre / Coriolanus Subverted with Menenius, who despite being a snarky man who is absolutely scathing toward those he does not respect, is a good man who truly wants what is best for rome.
  • Black Comedy What truly makes it Black Comedy is how the torturers declare that, really, the content of the manga has absolutely nothing to do with it.
    Source: Black Comedy
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