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Abstract adjective – Dealing with or expressing a quality or idea.
Usage example: the book deals with abstract matters such as honesty and integrity on the job as well as practical subjects such as asking for a raise

Metaphysical is a synonym for abstract in theoretical topic. In some cases you can use "Metaphysical" instead an adjective "Abstract", when it comes to topics like supernatural, immaterial.
Nearby Words: abstracted, abstraction, abstractedly, abstractedness, abstractive
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Metaphysical adjective – Dealing with or expressing a quality or idea.
Usage example: a work that deals with such metaphysical questions as the very nature of knowledge

Abstract is a synonym for metaphysical in immaterial topic. You can use "Abstract" instead an adjective "Metaphysical", if it concerns topics such as not physical.
Nearby Words: metaphysics, metaphysician, metaphysically
Synonyms for Metaphysical

Things that words describes

sense abstract sense metaphysical sense
character abstract character metaphysical character
point abstract point metaphysical point
entity abstract entity metaphysical entity
Other nouns: god, form, way, example, level, representation, language, concept, version, rules, elements, forces, thoughts, concepts, themes, forms.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Exit Fate Ice: Devotion to a metaphysical or abstract (Rock to leadership, Cid to music, the shopkeepers all care about their jobs.)Fire: Energy and restlessness.
  • Literature / Winnetou And then along comes Old Shatterhand... much to everyone's despair... Vision Quest: In a very abstract and metaphysical way, this is the reason why Charlie Walks The Earth.
  • Gainax Ending Heavy Metal ends on a rather abstract and metaphysical note.
    Source: Gainax Ending
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