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Abstract verb – To draw the attention or mind to something else.
Withdraw is a synonym for abstract in extract topic. In some cases you can use "Withdraw" instead a verb "Abstract", when it comes to topics like assemble, take away from.
Nearby Words: abstracted, abstraction, abstractedly, abstractedness, abstractive
Synonyms for Abstract


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Withdraw verb – To take away from a place or position.
Usage example: withdrew her hand from the table

Abstract is a synonym for withdraw in assemble topic. Sometimes you can use "Abstract" instead a verb "Withdraw", if it concerns topics such as separate.
Nearby Words: withdrawn, withdrawal, withdrawing, withdrawable
Synonyms for Withdraw

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  • Thanks to the abstract and nonlinear nature of money in the game, you can withdraw fairly sizable amounts of Wealth from even a moderate Treasure score without decreasing the Company's Treasure... once or twice, precluding endless Company-funded benders.
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