Abundance and Plenty


Abundance noun - A considerable amount.
Usage example: grew up with an abundance of cousins

Plenty is a synonym for abundance in rich topic. In some cases you can use "Plenty" instead the word "Abundance" as a noun or a pronoun, when it comes to topics like ease, lot, host, load. popular alternative

Nearby Words: abundant, abundantly


Plenty noun - An amount or supply more than sufficient to meet one's needs.
Usage example: you'll have plenty of time to make your connecting flight

Abundance is a synonym for plenty in rich topic. You can use "Abundance" instead the word "Plenty" as a noun or a pronoun, if it concerns topics such as ease, lot, amount, host. popular alternative

How words are described

short short abundance short plenty
many many abundance many plenty
infinite infinite abundance infinite plenty
relative relative abundance relative plenty
Other adjectives: massive, large, great, tropical, available.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Castle in the Attic The instant he is defeated, life and abundance and plenty return to the land.
  • The land of Cockaigne: A legendary land of plenty and abundance that was very popular at the time, being a figure of speech used in poems, paintings and other forms of art, and used as a trope about mythical lands almost as much as in modern fiction we use Atlantis.
  • Music / Oingo Boingo Murder, statutory rape, and mindless mischief are all on hand in abundance, along with plenty of paranoia and apocalyptic imagery.
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