Accept and Challenge


Accept verb - To regard as right or true.
Usage example: refused to accept that her friend had said those mean things

Challenge is an antonym for accept.


Challenge verb - To demand proof of the truth or rightness of.
Usage example: don't hesitate to challenge any statement that generalizes about people

Accept is an antonym for challenge.

Common collocations

power accept power challenge power
people accept people challenge people
position accept position challenge position
leadership accept leadership challenge leadership
Other words: someone, fate, death, way, world, decision, rule, anyone.

Both words in one sentence

  • Standard Ending: Fail a challenge or accept the reality that you are going to die.
  • Our Ogres Are Hungrier They would challenge everyone that will accept their challenge, usually of drinking and fighting (or drunken-fighting, natch).
  • After Ichigo learns that he had been subjected to a similar challenge to continue seeing her mother, she, like her mother before her, runs in and offers to continue the duel on Aoyama's behalf, convincing her father to accept him.
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