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Accept verb – To take to or upon oneself.
Usage example: accepted the responsibility of sending out the invitations

Recant is an antonym for accept.
Nearby Words: accepted, acceptable, acceptance, accepting, acceptably
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Recant verb – To solemnly or formally reject or go back on (as something formerly adhered to).
Usage example: the Inquisition forced Galileo to recant his support of the Copernican observation that the earth revolves around the sun

Accept is an antonym for recant in take back something said topic.
Nearby Words: recantation, recanting
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Common collocations

title accept title recant title

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / The Spanish Inquisition Most of these people brought up on charges of heresy, heretical ideas, dangerous ideas, &c were asked to recant their sins and accept religious re-education.
  • Series / Boston Legal They get the victim to recant the statement and he's off the hook again, but the community still won't accept him and ask him to leave.
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