Accident and Disaster


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Accident noun – A chance and usually sudden event bringing loss or injury.
Usage example: was involved in a minor accident on her way home from work

Disaster is a synonym for accident in misfortune topic. In some cases you can use "Disaster" instead a noun "Accident", when it comes to topics like collision, crash, mishap, unexpected. popular alternative
Nearby Words: accidental, accidentally, accidence
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Disaster noun – A sudden violent event that brings about great loss or destruction.
Usage example: hurricanes are natural disasters

Accident is a synonym for disaster in collision topic. You can use "Accident" instead a noun "Disaster", if it concerns topics such as crash, misfortune, catastrophe. popular alternative
Nearby Word: disastrous
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similar similar accident similar disaster
natural natural accident natural disaster
complete complete accident complete disaster
total total accident total disaster
Other adjectives: original, initial, actual, real, massive, big, serious, infamous, terrible, horrible, major, near, catastrophic, minor, fatal, mysterious, hilarious, worst, unspecified, cosmic, magical, nuclear, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • No Antagonist MacGyver: occasionally had episodes where Mac dealt with a natural disaster or an accident without any nefarious sabotage involved.
    Source: No Antagonist
  • Hero's First Rescue Although the first paragraph of this trope description refers to a burning building, it could easily be any other sort of natural disaster or accident.
  • It's never OK to say something negative about a person who died of natural causes, but it's considered nowhere near as tasteless as criticizing a person who was Driven to Suicide or killed in a manmade or natural disaster or accident.
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