Accident and Mishap


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Accident noun – A chance and usually sudden event bringing loss or injury.
Usage example: was involved in a minor accident on her way home from work

Mishap is a synonym for accident in misfortune topic. In some cases you can use "Mishap" instead a noun "Accident", when it comes to topics like help, thing, event, crash. popular alternative
Nearby Words: accidental, accidentally, accidence
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Mishap noun – A chance and usually sudden event bringing loss or injury.
Usage example: the usual mishaps of a family vacation

Accident is a synonym for mishap in help topic. You can use "Accident" instead a noun "Mishap", if it concerns topics such as thing, event, crash, incidental. popular alternative
Synonyms for Mishap

How words are described

certain certain accident certain mishap
small small accident small mishap
actual actual accident actual mishap
unfortunate unfortunate accident unfortunate mishap
Other adjectives: embarrassing, little, catastrophic, minor, apparent, drunken, hilarious, last, occasional, freak, earlier, cosmic, portal, magical, horrific, jousting.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Railway Series Whenever there's an engine who is being either rude, haughty, or stubborn, they will get themselves into an unfortunate mishap or accident, not to mention they will receive ridicule from the other engines.
  • Dodgy Toupee Can be Played for Drama if the character is wearing a cheap wig/toupee due to chemotheraphy or a horrific accident that cost the victim his or her hair (like a fire or a chemical mishap).
    Source: Dodgy Toupee
  • He's always tripping and bumping into others by accident, which turns out to be a Chekhov's Skill as it's his mishap with a bag of soot that gives Pongo the idea for the dalmatians to disguise themselves as black dogs.
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