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Account noun – A relating of events usually in the order in which they happened.
Usage example: newspaper reporters must strive to provide an accurate account of what happened

Story is a synonym for account in description topic. In some cases you can use "Story" instead a noun "Account", when it comes to topics like narrative, words, written description of past events. popular alternative
Nearby Words: accounted, accountability, accountable, accounting, accountant
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Story noun – A work with imaginary characters and events that is shorter and usually less complex than a novel.
Usage example: he's a talented writer, but his quirky stories will never find a wide readership

Account is a synonym for story in tale topic. You can use "Account" instead a noun "Story", if it concerns topics such as anecdote, narrative, words, testimony. popular alternative
Nearby Words: storey, storied, storyline
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How words are described

old old account old story
good good account good story
full full account full story
current current account current story
Other adjectives: original, fake, true, single, actual, entire, real, big, great, tragic, main, famous, personal, new, final, fictional, hilarious, official, alternate, different, sci-fi.

Both words in one sentence

  • Real Life / Mean Character, Nice Actor One look at Natalya Neidhart's twitter account or story from a fan about how they met her and you will wonder how she ever played a character that screamed constantly at her fellow divas to cry.
  • These two missions are the only times where CJ's stats are taken into account for the gameplay and story instead of making them separate.
  • The Bishop might be excused on account of "not having heard the other side of the story", but he clearly loves his poor parishioners and has turned down a life of wealth on their account.
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