Achievement and Loss


Achievement noun - A successful result brought about by hard work.
Usage example: this improvement in your time for a 10K road race is quite an achievement!

Loss is an antonym for achievement in goal reached topic.


Loss noun - Failure to win a contest.
Usage example: we're discouraged by our loss on Friday, but we're training hard for next week's game nevertheless

Achievement is an antonym for loss in misfortune topic.

Nearby Word: losing

How words are described

human human achievement human loss
similar similar achievement similar loss
certain certain achievement certain loss
single single achievement single loss
Other adjectives: actual, real, big, great, huge, bad, major, incredible, possible, final, significant, last, greatest.

Both words in one sentence

  • For a man, the loss of his virginity is an achievement.
  • Cats Have Nine Lives Though Death Is a Slap on the Wrist for Kit (she merely gets sent back to the last checkpoint she touched with no health or money loss), you get an achievement if you let her die nine times on the same level.
  • Videogame Caring Potential FTL: Faster Than Light, there's nothing stopping you from being as caring as possible to your crew, especially denying events that result in crew loss (or using blue options to circumvent them) to the point there's an achievement called "No Red Shirts Here".
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