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Action noun – Something done by someone.
Circumstance and action are semantically related In some cases you can use "Circumstance" instead a noun "Action".
Nearby Words: active, activity, acting, acted, actively
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Circumstance noun – A state or end that seemingly has been decided beforehand.
Action and circumstance are semantically related in situation topic. Sometimes you can use "Action" instead a noun "Circumstance".
Nearby Words: circumstantial, circumstantiality, circumstantially, circumstanced
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  • Western Animation / The Prince of Egypt Unlike most examples, though, he's something of a victim of circumstance who has to stick with his culture Never Trust a Trailer: The original trailer made this look like a more action-packed, definitely more kid-friendly film.
  • Merely because an Action Girl is captured does not automatically entail her transformation into a Faux Action Girl; generally it is down to the nature of her kidnap/capture and how she deals with this circumstance in contrast to her other informed feats.
  • While no canon work has presented the heroines together (a rejected concept for the "Pomp and Circumstance" segment in Fantasia 2000 would have done so), various direct-to-video productions, theme park shows, CDs, the live-action series Once Upon a Time, and so forth have.
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