Action and Engagement


Action noun - Something done by someone.

Engagement is a synonym for action in conflict topic. In some cases you can use "Engagement" instead a noun "Action", when it comes to topics like fight, battle, aggressive military deed. popular alternative

Nearby Words: active, activity, acting, acted, actively


Engagement noun - The act of giving someone a job.

Action is a synonym for engagement in battle topic. You can use "Action" instead a noun "Engagement", if it concerns topics such as conflict, fight, warfare. popular alternative

Nearby Words: engage, engaged, engaging

How words are described

particular particular action particular engagement
specific specific action specific engagement
short short action short engagement
direct direct action direct engagement
Other adjectives: current, single, actual, real, serious, bad, hostile, major, political, possible, final, minor, decisive, military, last, swift.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Napoleon: Total War If he is wounded on the battlefield, however, his unit loses his special abilities and aura for that battle, essentially putting him out of action for the duration of the engagement.
  • It's worse in Battle Fleet which hasn't fought an actual engagement in several centuries compared to Frontier Fleet that does see action fighting pirates and others and so does see some turn over.
  • Originally, an "after action report" (AAR) referred to a blow-by-blow account of an engagement prepared by a military official.
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