Action and Inaction


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Action noun – The state of being active.
Usage example: he is out of action

Inaction is an antonym for action in topics: legal process, something done, individual deed, aggressive military deed.
Nearby Words: active, activity, acting, acted, actively
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Inaction noun – Lack of action or activity.
Usage example: as a result of the park department's inaction, the city's pools are not ready to open for the summer

Action is an antonym for inaction in state of doing nothing topic.
Nearby Words: inactive, inactivity, inactively
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  • Doom Magnet Ravenloft also has the Bussengeist, the undead spirit of someone who died in a great calamity resulting from their action or inaction.
    Source: Doom Magnet
  • When around Fighter of 8-Bit Theater, even if you're a teammate, under no circumstances are you to threaten or even imply that you will, either through action or inaction, bring harm to Black Mage.
  • Trauma Conga Line It's like Elsa was wearing a cosmic kick-me sign for most of her life, as every well-intended action and inaction she did only made things worse for her.
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