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Active adjective – Full of activity or engaged in continuous activity.
Usage example: an active account

Unused is an antonym for active.
Nearby Words: action, activity, activate, acting, activated
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Unused adjective – Not being in a state of use, activity, or employment.
Usage example: is there an unused cubicle that the temp could work out of?

Active is an antonym for unused.
Nearby Words: unusual, unusable
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Similar words of active
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Similar words of unused
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Things that words describes

ability active ability unused ability
part active part unused part
form active form unused form
scene active scene unused scene
Other nouns: item, characters, effects, skills, spells, weapons, enemies, abilities, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • Eternal Sonata has unused party members gain a fraction of experience gained by active party members.
  • Video Game / Overwatch If the spawn rooms change while Symmetra has a teleporter active, it will disappear and she will get a boost to her ultimate charge, proportional to the number of unused teleports remaining on it.
  • 90% of Your Brain Johnny's powers in the television version of The Dead Zone come from the fact that a normally unused part of his brain became active to compensate for a damaged section.
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