Adaptation and Transformation


Adaptation noun - The act or process of changing something to fit a new use or situation.
Usage example: a careful adaptation of the book for the silver screen could take several years
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Synonyms for Adaptation

Transformation is a synonym for adaptation in conversion topic. In some cases you can use "Transformation" instead a noun "Adaptation", when it comes to topics like converting, act of adapting.


Transformation noun - A change in form, appearance, or use.
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Synonyms for Transformation

Adaptation is a synonym for transformation. You can use "Adaptation" instead a noun "Transformation".

How words are described

full full adaptation full transformation
complete complete adaptation complete transformation
original original adaptation original transformation
single single adaptation single transformation
Other adjectives: actual, successful, new, major, later, further, subsequent, last, aforementioned.

Both words in one sentence

  • The 1988 film adaptation of Heart of a Dog only shows Sharik in his initial dog form and in the later stages of his transformation into a human, where he could be portrayed by human actors in makeup.
  • But there seems to be something about this adaptation in particular that lends itself to reinterpretation and transformation.
  • Transformation Sequence Another adaptation, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, gets a much fancier transformation than the Kamen Rider Ryuki original did, complete with the monster-repelling Sphere of Power seen in more recent Japanese KR series.
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