Add and Deduct


Add verb - To join (something) to a mass, quantity, or number so as to bring about an overall increase.
Usage example: add another cup of flour to the mixture

Deduct is an antonym for add in topics: count up, accumulation, adjoin.

Nearby Words: added, adding


Deduct verb - To take away (an amount or number) from a total.
Usage example: after deducting taxes, what's left is your net pay for the week

Add is an antonym for deduct in topics: subtract, reduce.

Common collocations

point add point deduct point
amount add amount deduct amount
time add time deduct time
points add points deduct points
Other words: seconds.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix In fact, their points removal last through the end of the year so that Mc Gonagall has to add points for Snape to want to deduct.
  • Web Video / The Mysterious Mr. Enter He later took a snide remark from Spike as an excuse to deduct a point so he could add the point from earlier.
  • Series / The Joker's Wild The finals had the middle reel continuously occupied by Take A-Chance, which could only be taken if the question was answered correctly and contained anything from Add $50 to Deduct $100 (which was kind of dumb, since the only three dollar amounts shown for the questions were $10, $30, and $100).
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