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Address noun – A usually formal discourse delivered to an audience.
Manner is a synonym for address in poise topic. In some cases you can use "Manner" instead a noun "Address", when it comes to topics like be.
Nearby Words: addressed, addressing, addressee, addressable, addresser
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Manner noun – A distinctive way of putting ideas into words.
Usage example: the former doctor writes his novels very much in the manner of someone who is used to observing the smallest details

Address is a synonym for manner in poise topic. Sometimes you can use "Address" instead a noun "Manner", if it concerns topics such as conduct, be.
Nearby Words: mannerly, mannerism, mannered, mannerless, mannerist
Synonyms for Manner

How words are described

exact exact address exact manner
similar similar address similar manner
specific specific address specific manner
direct direct address direct manner
Other adjectives: formal, polite, friendly, respectful, correct, traditional, possible, different, literal.

Both words in one sentence

  • No Fourth Wall In Avenue Q, the characters frequently address the audience in a manner similar to Sesame Street, which the show is parodying.
  • Anti-Frustration Features The latter is a known problem in some other MM Os where simple everyday screw ups results in being instakicked before they can even blink, and FF 14 seems to be the first MMO to actively address these kinds of "dismissals", especially in this manner.
  • Real-life doctors generally get specific training to address professionalism and bedside manner.
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