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Admirable adjective – Deserving of high regard or great approval.
Great is a synonym for admirable in excellent topic. In some cases you can use "Great" instead an adjective "Admirable", when it comes to topics like characteristic, fine, splendid, wonderful.
Nearby Words: admire, admiration, admired, admirably, admirer
Synonyms for Admirable


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Great adjective – Having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor.
Admirable is a synonym for great in excellent topic. You can use "Admirable" instead an adjective "Great", if it concerns topics such as fine, splendid, wonderful.
Nearby Words: greatly, greatness
Synonyms for Great

Things that words describes

sense admirable sense great sense
spirit admirable spirit great spirit
skill admirable skill great skill
effort admirable effort great effort
Other nouns: hero, man, guy, people, job, amount, degree, way, example, characters, leader, lengths.

Both words in one sentence

  • Large Ham / Film He does an admirable job in the Much Ado About Nothing as fact, he's also a ham of great distinction in much of his work.
  • Literature / Wayside School Drazil's admirable qualities (eg, her great cooking skills, her patience with struggling students), before finally noting that the children will never forgive her for making Louis shave his mustache.
  • Web Video / The Mysterious Mr. Enter Growing the Beardinvoked: In his Admirable Animation for "A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu", he states that, in his opinion, this episode is where Zatch Bell went from being just a good show, to a great show.
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