Adore and Respect


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Adore verb – To love or admire too much.
Usage example: adores her older sister so much that she cannot see her considerable faults

Respect is a synonym for adore in admire topic. In some cases you can use "Respect" instead a verb "Adore".
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Respect verb – To think very highly or favorably of.
Usage example: an upstanding senator who is respected by political allies and foes alike

Adore is a synonym for respect in admire topic. Sometimes you can use "Adore" instead a verb "Respect", if it concerns topics such as think highly of.
Nearby Words: respectable, respectful, respectability, respective, respectably
Synonyms for Respect

Common collocations

love adore love respect love
woman adore woman respect woman
mother adore mother respect mother
father adore father respect father
Other nouns: avatar, friends.

Both words in one sentence

  • Big Brother Worship While they have an occasional argument, these two soul-brothers adore and respect one another a great deal.
  • Series / Sense8 Daddy's Girl: Among the protagonists, Kala and Riley are very close to their fathers and clearly adore and respect them (in contrast to Sun and Nomi, who had tense relationships at best with their dads).
  • Their follow-up, Adore, was similar in this respect, though mostly shuffling between Pop, Electronic and Folk, as opposed to Mellon Collie's dozen plus genres.
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