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Advance verb – To help the growth or development of.
Usage example: great thinkers who did much to advance modern science

Check is an antonym for advance.
Nearby Words: advanced, advancement, advancing, advancer
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Check verb – To bring (something) to a standstill.
Usage example: a tree finally checked the skidding car

Advance is an antonym for check in topics: stop, hinder.
Nearby Words: checked, checking, checkup, checker, checklist
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Similar words of advance
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Similar words of check
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How words are described

good good advance good check
standard standard advance standard check
single single advance single check
small small advance small check
Other adjectives: real, successful, large, big, little, important, red.

Common collocations

character advance character check character
work advance work check work
progress advance progress check progress
status advance status check status
Other nouns: point, story, clock.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Mad Men Instead, he forges a check to get an advance on a bonus.
  • Pride Instead he forges a check to get an advance on a bonus.
    Source: Pride
  • Video Game / FTL: Faster Than Light Forgetting to check if that beacon leads to where you want to go and misjudging the rebel's advance just to get bogged in Desperation Attack against the fleet.
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