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Advanced adjective – Situated ahead or going before.
Usage example: at that time the most advanced outpost was still east of the Rockies

In advance is a synonym for advanced in futuristic topic. In some cases you can use "In advance" instead the word "Advanced" as an adjective or an adverb. popular alternative
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In advance adjective – Situated ahead or going before.
Advanced is a synonym for in advance in early topic. You can use "Advanced" instead the phrase "In advance" as an adjective or an adverb, if it concerns topics such as futuristic, sooner than expected. popular alternative
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  • Speaking of which, advanced chess players are smart enough to anticipate all of the above situations in advance.
  • Often its massively underpowered unit stacks will destroy your own more advanced forces, unless you've got tanks or something else far in advance of their own units.
  • Video Game / Chrono Trigger Advanced Ancient Acropolis: The Black Omen, depending on when one visits it (600 AD-2300 AD); having tech far in advance of everything else, despite being 12,600-14,300 years older.
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