Affliction and Bane


Affliction noun - A source of harm or misfortune.
Usage example: alcohol has been his affliction ever since he took his first drink at the age of 12

Bane is a synonym for affliction in help topic. In some cases you can use "Bane" instead a noun "Affliction", when it comes to topics like curse.


Bane noun - A source of harm or misfortune.
Usage example: regarding the new laborsaving machinery as a bane, the 19th-century Luddites went about destroying it in protest

Affliction is a synonym for bane in help topic. You can use "Affliction" instead a noun "Bane", if it concerns topics such as plague, torment, curse, cause of misery.

Nearby Words: banal, baneful

How words are described

particular particular affliction particular bane
common common affliction common bane
bad bad affliction bad bane
supernatural supernatural affliction supernatural bane
Other adjectives: minor.
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