Afraid and Heroic


Afraid adjective - Filled with fear or dread.
Usage example: Melissa is afraid of flying, so she takes a train from Boston to visit her brother in Chicago

Heroic is an antonym for afraid in topics: reluctant, fearful.


Heroic adjective - Feeling or displaying no fear by temperament.
Usage example: a memorial honoring the heroic nurses who served in the war

Afraid is an antonym for heroic in brave topic.

Nearby Words: hero, heroism, heroically

Both words in one sentence

  • Fearless Fool In Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet novel Invicible, when asking of Jane Geary why she changed, Geary explains to her that he was afraid, and her brother was afraid, while making their heroic stands.
    Source: Fearless Fool
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side Gromit from Wallace & Gromit is a very sensitive individual who has a love for knitting and isn't afraid to cry when things really get bad, but is nonetheless pretty brave and heroic.
  • Comicbook / Cyclops Unlucky Everydude Unscrupulous Hero: Scott's intentions may be heroic, but Scott is not afraid to make the tough decisions which can be considered less than heroic, honorable or noble.
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