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Aggressive adjective – Having or showing a bold forcefulness in the pursuit of a goal.
Usage example: if you don't take a more aggressive approach to this yard pretty soon, the weeds are going to take over completely

Energetic is a synonym for aggressive in assertive topic. In some cases you can use "Energetic" instead an adjective "Aggressive", when it comes to topics like forceful. popular alternative
Nearby Words: aggression, aggressiveness, aggress, aggressively, aggressor
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Energetic adjective – Marked by or uttered with forcefulness.
Usage example: the salesperson gave us an energetic sales pitch, talking excitedly about the amazing features of this year's cars

Aggressive is a synonym for energetic in forceful topic. You can use "Aggressive" instead an adjective "Energetic", if it concerns topics such as assertive. popular alternative
Nearby Words: energy, energise, energetically, energetics, energetical
Synonyms for Energetic

Things that words describes

person aggressive person energetic person
girl aggressive girl energetic girl
attitude aggressive attitude energetic attitude
character aggressive character energetic character
Other nouns: action, man, woman, sound, style, member, nature, type, example, characters, personality, music, dog, side, version, song, behavior, persona, sister, traits, songs, personalities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Izumi and Yukari are also examples, with Izumi being energetic and aggressive and Yukari being sweet and demure.
  • Podcast / Kakos Industries While Hailey is bubbly, energetic, and loves cute things, Melantha is more vain, attention seeking, and a lot more openly aggressive.
  • Music / Raw Power Darker and Edgier: Even compared to the Stooges' previous output this album sounded far more sexual, energetic, aggressive and dangerous.
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