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Aghast adjective – Filled with fear or dread.
Usage example: I stood there, aghast, as the vile monster made its way toward me

Shocked is a synonym for aghast in horrified topic. In some cases you can use "Shocked" instead an adjective "Aghast", when it comes to topics like participle, frightened, stunned. popular alternative
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Shocked adjective – Affected with sudden and great wonder or surprise.
Usage example: the escaping bridegroom bid farewell to the shocked wedding guests as he ran out the door

Aghast is a synonym for shocked in frightened topic. You can use "Aghast" instead an adjective "Shocked", if it concerns topics such as stunned, startled, amazed. popular alternative
Nearby Words: shock, shocking, shockingly, shocker
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  • Manga / Giant Robo I Love Nuclear Power: Somewhat averted - it doesn't get significant screen time, but pretty much everybody who's around is shocked and aghast when it is revealed that Giant Robo is nuclear powered.
  • The Ice Maidens were shocked and aghast that one of them gave birth to a boy (which meant she had contacted a male: strictly against their strict isolationist policy).
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