Agreement and Challenge


Agreement noun - The state of being of one opinion about something.

Challenge is an antonym for agreement.

Nearby Words: agreeable, agreed, agreeing


Challenge noun - A feeling or declaration of disapproval or dissent.
Usage example: there were no serious challenges to the legislative bill, so it passed easily

Agreement is an antonym for challenge in dispute topic.

How words are described

similar similar agreement similar challenge
common common agreement common challenge
formal formal agreement formal challenge
original original agreement original challenge
Other adjectives: initial, many, legal, simple, entire, little, new, official, previous, self-imposed.

Both words in one sentence

  • He and Turps have a gentleman's agreement that they will, at some point, do an eating challenge.
  • Miyagi's agreement flies right over their heads, and Sekai is just about to challenge him to a fight when the realization sinks in.
  • Lets Play / Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series Geoff is the one who finds it, and even though he has no armor and a weaker sword, he still makes the challenge, refusing to keep quiet and sneak away because of the agreement.
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