Agreement and Disapproval


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Agreement noun – The state of being of one opinion about something.
Usage example: we were in agreement about one thing at least: that we'd never worked so hard in all our lives

Disapproval is an antonym for agreement.
Nearby Words: agreeable, agreed, agreeing
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Disapproval noun – Refusal to accept as right or desirable.
Agreement is an antonym for disapproval in condemnation topic.
Nearby Words: disapproving, disapproved, disapprobation, disapprovingly
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Similar words of agreement
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Similar words of disapproval
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How words are described

public public agreement public disapproval
simple simple agreement simple disapproval
sarcastic sarcastic agreement sarcastic disapproval
little little agreement little disapproval
Other adjectives: general, official, international, unanimous, resulting, longstanding.

Both words in one sentence

  • My Sister Is Off-Limits! Sheldon voices his disapproval of Leonard betraying a friend - not Raj, Howard, as Howard and Leonard previously made a verbal agreement not to go after Priya.
  • Abduction Is Love Generally, the "kidnapping" used to be a mutual agreement between a young couple trying to bypass a family's disapproval, or a way to 'spice up' marriage vows.
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