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Agreement noun – The state of being of one opinion about something.
Lines is an antonym for agreement.
Nearby Words: agreeable, agreed, agreeing
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Defintions of Lines not found.
Agreement is an antonym for lines in row topic.
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  • Take Care of the Kids: Blake extracts an agreement along these lines with Rose with regards to Evan, for whom he is already a surrogate parent.
  • With Catlike Tread Depending on the companion and which of their lines happens to play, this can range from a whispered word of agreement, to a full sentence at normal volume, to shouting.
  • Video Game / Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Subverted by the devs' true motivations - Word of God has said that during the development there was an unspoken agreement that they wanted to have as many high-tech fighter jets on the front lines as possible.
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