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Air noun – A special quality or impression associated with something.
Usage example: Naomi's the only person I know who can wear old jeans and a T-shirt with an air of elegance

Mood is a synonym for air in manner topic. In some cases you can use "Mood" instead a noun "Air", when it comes to topics like style, atmosphere, be.
Nearby Words: airless, airway, airline
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Mood noun – A special quality or impression associated with something.
Usage example: there's a haunting mood of melancholy about the ruined old castle

Air is a synonym for mood in atmosphere topic. You can use "Air" instead a noun "Mood", if it concerns topics such as state of mind, be.
Nearby Words: moody, moodily
Synonyms for Mood

How words are described

good good air good mood
normal normal air normal mood
usual usual air usual mood
certain certain air certain mood
Other adjectives: heavy, perpetual, serious, little, bad, ominous, sudden, creepy.

Both words in one sentence

  • HGTV and Food Network left the air completely, showing only still screens for two days, knowing that nobody was in the mood to be instructed on anything.
  • Crystal Prison Apparently she can structure them to allow air through, so when she is in good mood her enemies will be trapped in a block of crystal but relatively unharmed.
  • Series / The Supersizers Eat Mood Whiplash: During the Wartime episode, Sue and Giles are trading sarcastic barbs... Then the air raid sirens start.
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