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Alarming adjective – Causing fear.
Usage example: an alarming rise in her fever, causing the doctor to fear the worst

Disturbing is a synonym for alarming in distressing topic. In some cases you can use "Disturbing" instead an adjective "Alarming", when it comes to topics like frightening, worrisome, unsettling, causing fear. popular alternative
Nearby Words: alarm, alarmed, alarmingly
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Disturbing adjective – Causing worry or anxiety.
Usage example: a disturbing trend in the nation's energy consumption

Alarming is a synonym for disturbing in disquieting topic. You can use "Alarming" instead an adjective "Disturbing", if it concerns topics such as worrying, worrisome, unsettling. popular alternative
Nearby Words: disturb, disturbed, disturbance, disturbingly, disturber
Synonyms for Disturbing

Things that words describes

manner alarming manner disturbing manner
tendency alarming tendency disturbing tendency
habit alarming habit disturbing habit
lack alarming lack disturbing lack
Other nouns: resemblance, amount, number, extent, degree, fact, way, trend, example, level, shot, effects, music, news, version, pictures, questions, images, tendencies, moments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Startopia Then there's the Oroflex, a sort of Tilt-O-Whirl with tentacles that looks alarming and disturbing, but the customers appear to enjoy it, having their "love" and "fun" stats boosted.
  • Especially alarming when one considers that he's implied to have disturbing Foe Yay towards Danielle.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty The Doctor Who Expanded Universe novels of Terrance Dicks began to display a slightly alarming tendency in almost every novel to place the Doctor's companions in a position where they were threatened with rape by one of the bad guys, to the point where it really became more than a little disturbing.
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