Alarming and Frightful


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Alarming adjective – Causing fear.
Usage example: an alarming rise in her fever, causing the doctor to fear the worst

Frightful is a synonym for alarming in fearful topic. In some cases you can use "Frightful" instead an adjective "Alarming", when it comes to topics like causing fear. popular alternative
Nearby Words: alarm, alarmed, alarmingly
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Frightful adjective – Causing fear.
Usage example: a frightful sound emanated from somewhere deep within the forest

Alarming is a synonym for frightful in terrible topic. You can use "Alarming" instead an adjective "Frightful", if it concerns topics such as fearful. popular alternative
Nearby Words: frightening, frightened, fright, frightfully, frighted
Synonyms for Frightful

Things that words describes

speed alarming speed frightful speed
loss alarming loss frightful loss
lizard alarming lizard frightful lizard

Both words in one sentence

  • Prehistoric Monster Several tyrannosaurs had such names, including Tarbosaurus ("alarming lizard"), and Daspletosaurus ("frightful lizard").
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