Alleviate and Soothe


Alleviate verb - To make more bearable or less severe.
Usage example: a car pool alleviates some of the stress of driving the kids to and from school every day

Soothe is a synonym for alleviate in relieve topic. In some cases you can use "Soothe" instead a verb "Alleviate", when it comes to topics like ease, calm, soften, reduce. popular alternative

Nearby Words: alleviation, alleviating


Soothe verb - To ease the grief or distress of.
Usage example: there seemed to be no words sufficient to soothe the bereaved parents

Alleviate is a synonym for soothe in relieve topic. You can use "Alleviate" instead a verb "Soothe", if it concerns topics such as calm, soften, assuage. popular alternative

Nearby Words: soothing, soother, sooth, soothingly

Common collocations

tension alleviate tension soothe tension
pain alleviate pain soothe pain
loneliness alleviate loneliness soothe loneliness
feelings alleviate feelings soothe feelings
Other words: concerns, troubles.
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