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Allow verb – To give permission for or to approve of.
Usage example: flash photography is not allowed inside the church

Reject is an antonym for allow in topics: set aside, admit, permit an action.
Nearby Words: allowance, allowable, allowing
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Reject verb – To be unwilling to grant.
Usage example: rejected his request for time off

Allow is an antonym for reject in topics: deny, say no to.
Nearby Words: rejected, rejection, rejecting, rejector, rejecter
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Common collocations

power allow power reject power
life allow life reject life
man allow man reject man
marriage allow marriage reject marriage
Other nouns: name, control, chance, death, time, use, technology, world, magic, anyone, names, women, powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Most countries have laws that allow retailers to reject payments if they involve too large a volume of small denominations.
  • Anime / Ringing Bell The sheep reject Chirin because their "morality" does not allow predators to live with them.
  • The Martian Manhunter's Psychic Powers allow him to become another conduit and the Py'tar entreats the people of Kalanor to reject Despero's warmongering ways and embrace peace.
    Source: New Eden
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