Ally and Foe


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Ally noun – Someone associated with another to give assistance or moral support.
Usage example: in trying to convince his parents to send him to soccer camp, the youngster had a strong ally in his coach

Foe is an antonym for ally in topics: partner, especially by treaty.
Nearby Words: allying, Allie
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Foe noun – One that is hostile toward another.
Usage example: are you friend or foe?

Ally is an antonym for foe in topics: enemy, person who is an opponent.
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Similar words of foe
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How words are described

human human ally human foe
old old ally old foe
alien alien ally alien foe
true true ally true foe
Other adjectives: dead, strong, powerful, great, dangerous, main, worthy, major, frequent, former, fallen, minor, unexpected, unconscious, mysterious, primary, last, competent, greatest, recurring, longtime, stronger, strongest.

Both words in one sentence

  • One time Spider-Man villain The Black Tarantula (now an on and off ally/foe of Daredevil) was revealed to be passed from father to son in a manner very reminiscent of The Phantom.
  • A dangerous foe or ally, whose reputation for being powerful is well-known, is overshadowed by the main character as a way of showing the player just how powerful they've become.
  • Characters / Super Robot Wars Classic Regardless of who it is, be it ally or foe, he shows no mercy.
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