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Moral is an antonym for amoral in topics: corrupt, immoral, bribable.
Nearby Words: amorous, amorously, amorally
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Moral adjective – Conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue.
Amoral is an antonym for moral in topics: good, ethical, immoral.
Nearby Words: morality, moralistic, moralize, moralise, morale
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Similar words of amoral
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Similar words of moral
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Things that words describes

person amoral person moral person
character amoral character moral character
man amoral man moral man
people amoral people moral people
Other nouns: characters, behavior.

Both words in one sentence

  • Amoral Attorney The problem isn't that he's amoral, but that he's just too moral for anyone else's own good.
  • Film / Kiss Me Deadly Anti-Hero: One of the reasons that Mickey Spillane didn't like the film was because it made the anti-heroic but otherwise moral Mike Hammer into an amoral, narcissistic bully.
  • Series / The League Ruxin has become much more amoral since the first episode, while Kevin has been shown to be moral but incompetent.
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