Amplify and Enhance


Amplify verb - To make greater in size, amount, or number.
Usage example: the number of blood volunteers was significantly amplified by the promise of thank-you gifts to donors

Enhance is a synonym for amplify in quantity topic. In some cases you can use "Enhance" instead a verb "Amplify", when it comes to topics like increase, strengthen, deepen, intensify. popular alternative


Enhance verb - To make markedly greater in measure or degree.
Usage example: the right makeup would enhance the beauty of her eyes

Amplify is a synonym for enhance in increase topic. You can use "Amplify" instead a verb "Enhance", if it concerns topics such as quantity, improve, strengthen, deepen. popular alternative

Nearby Words: enhancement, enhancing, enhancer

Common collocations

sense amplify sense enhance sense
ability amplify ability enhance ability
power amplify power enhance power
strength amplify strength enhance strength
Other words: attack, effect, spell, size, effects, hearing, effectiveness, magic, weapon, emotions, attacks, skills, powers, muscles, abilities, talents.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Red Lights Enhance Button: Averted, but with lampshading by Ben.Ben: [to Sally] Sure, I can amplify a single pixel, click it up by magic and make it so bright and shiny you'll need sunglasses to look at it.
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