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Amusement noun – The act or activity of providing pleasure or amusement especially for the public.
Pleasure is a synonym for amusement in enjoyment topic. In some cases you can use "Pleasure" instead a noun "Amusement", when it comes to topics like entertainment, diversion, entertaining, glee. popular alternative
Nearby Words: amusing, amuse, amused
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Pleasure noun – The feeling experienced when one's wishes are met.
Usage example: nothing gives me more pleasure than a hot meal after a long day

Amusement is a synonym for pleasure in enjoyment topic. You can use "Amusement" instead a noun "Pleasure", if it concerns topics such as happiness, delight, joy, glee. popular alternative
Nearby Words: pleasant, pleasing, pleased, pleasurable, pleasantly
Synonyms for Pleasure

How words are described

pure pure amusement pure pleasure
particular particular amusement particular pleasure
certain certain amusement certain pleasure
friendly friendly amusement friendly pleasure
Other adjectives: endless, sheer, obvious, selfish, extreme, great, cruel, quick, sick, sexual, private, personal, malicious, twisted, mutual, extra, immense, greater, odd, visual, sadistic.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Devils, on the other hand, want something similar to the Colonists, but deliberately stylized to resemble more classic depictions of hell — as in, stocked with not only loyal servitor-monsters, but also damned enemies suffering in endless torment for the Devil's amusement and pleasure.
  • Literature / Skulduggery Pleasant Cares for nothing but her own pleasure and amusement.
  • Harmful to Minors Raised by a sadistic Ghoul as a Human Pet, he was forced to alternately murder people for the amusement of upper-class Ghouls and crossdress for his Mama's sick pleasure.
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