Amusement and Sport


Amusement noun - The act or activity of providing pleasure or amusement especially for the public.

Sport is a synonym for amusement in game topic. In some cases you can use "Sport" instead a noun "Amusement", when it comes to topics like activity, play, gaiety, playfulness. dated substitute

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Sport noun - Activity engaged in to amuse oneself.
Usage example: I don't care terribly whether I actually catch any fish, as I'm just doing this for sport

Amusement is a synonym for sport in game topic. You can use "Amusement" instead a noun "Sport", if it concerns topics such as entertainment, gaiety, playfulness. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sports, sportive, sporty, sporting, sported

How words are described

particular particular amusement particular sport
friendly friendly amusement friendly sport
fair fair amusement fair sport
small small amusement small sport
Other adjectives: extreme, great, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • That '70s Show: Hyde has made a sport out of giving his friends faulty advice for the amusement of seeing them make jackasses of themselves.
  • Series / An Idiot Abroad In the end, he goes to the birthplace of the sport, a small tribe, and takes a ridiculously wimpy five-foot "bungee jump," much to Ricky's amusement.
  • Video Game / The Amazing Spider-Man Mythology Gag: Bruce Campbell voices an obnoxious sport announcer in a blimp, making Spider-Man jump through hoops for his own amusement.
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