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Analogous adjective – Having qualities in common.
Usage example: bad-mouthing your sister is analogous to slapping her in the face—it's just as bad

Similar is a synonym for analogous in comparison topic. In some cases you can use "Similar" instead the word "Analogous" as an adjective or a pronoun, when it comes to topics like comparable, same. popular alternative
Nearby Words: analogy, analogue, analog, analogously, analogical
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Similar adjective – Having qualities in common.
Usage example: the two actresses accidentally wore similar outfits to the same gala

Analogous is a synonym for similar in comparable topic. You can use "Analogous" instead the word "Similar" as an adjective or a pronoun, if it concerns topics such as same, very much alike. popular alternative
Nearby Words: similarity, similarly, similitude, simile
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Things that words describes

manner analogous manner similar manner
device analogous device similar device
character analogous character similar character
role analogous role similar role
Other nouns: event, position, function, system, scene, effect, situation, way, example, characters, method, song, lines, reasons, powers, games, roles, personalities, situations.

Both words in one sentence

  • A typical joke goes like "An Englishman, a French guy, and a Russian sit in a bar..." and is quite similar to analogous jokes in Anglophone humour.
  • Divided States of America The Tabletop RPG Dogs in the Vineyard never specifically mentions any real-world locations or dates, but it takes place in an area similar to the pre-Civil War American west, in the lands of the Faith (analogous to the Mormon nation of Deseret).
  • Our Elves Are Better While Exodites are in some respects similar to both Alaitoc and Saim-Hann, they are generally more analogous to stereotypical wood elves in that they choose to reject most forms of technology and live in harmony with the planet they settle on.
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