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Ancestral adjective – Of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor.
Tribal is a synonym for ancestral in genealogical topic. In some cases you can use "Tribal" instead an adjective "Ancestral". popular alternative
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Tribal adjective – Of, relating to, or reflecting the traits exhibited by a group of people with a common ancestry and culture.
Ancestral is a synonym for tribal in genealogical topic. You can use "Ancestral" instead an adjective "Tribal", if it concerns topics such as ethnic.
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  • Music / Roots Neo Classical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: Musically elements from bahia samba, Reggae, Punk Rock and tribal music from the Xavante Indians at their ancestral home.
    Source: Music / Roots
  • Literature / Sten Tribal Face Paint: As part of her pre-mission preparation ritual, La Ciotat "paint[s] her face in the ancestral battle pattern of her house." Uncoffee: Caff.
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