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Anchor noun – One who reads and introduces news reports on a news program.
Weight and anchor are semantically related in thing topic. In some cases you can use "Weight" instead a noun "Anchor", when it comes to topics like counterbalance.
Nearby Words: anchored, anchorage, anchorite, anchoress, anchoring
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Weight noun – The amount that something weighs.
Anchor and weight are semantically related in thing topic. Sometimes you can use "Anchor" instead a noun "Weight", if it concerns topics such as counterbalance, something used to measure heaviness.
Nearby Words: weigh, weighty, weighted, weighting, weighed
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How words are described

emotional emotional anchor emotional weight
ideal ideal anchor ideal weight
physical physical anchor physical weight
normal normal anchor normal weight
Other adjectives: certain, current, proper, heavy, small, actual, real, massive, large, serious, enormous, huge, little, lost, giant.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Woody Woodpecker Thing is, the anchor's rope was tied to the pier and, after Woody was thrown, the weight of the anchor tore up the pier plank by plank, eventually destroying even the amusement park next to it.
  • Useful Notes / Plane Spotting Upon the invasion of the Soviet Union airpower failed to sink the Soviet Black Sea or Baltic fleets at anchor due to lack of tactical suprise and weight of AA fire from the port facilities at Sevastopol and Leningrad and from the ships themselves.
  • Working together with his climbing partner, Simon Yates, they descended - until Simpson fell again, ending up hanging over a crevasse with no way to climb up or anchor himself - and with his body weight slowly pulling Yates after him.
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