Angel and Creep


Angel noun - An innocent or gentle person.
Usage example: would like to think that her child is a perfect angel

Creep is an antonym for angel.

Nearby Words: angelic, angelical, angelically, angelica, angelia


Creep noun - A person whose behavior is offensive to others.
Usage example: after he had sent her several obnoxious e-mails, she reported the creep to the director of human resources

Angel is an antonym for creep.

Nearby Words: creepy, creeping, creeper

How words are described

old old angel old creep
pure pure angel pure creep
typical typical angel typical creep
complete complete angel complete creep
Other adjectives: original, real, big, little, young, new.

Both words in one sentence

  • Laser-Guided Karma Karma tends to creep up on Angel nearly every season, particularly after his attitude problem in season two.
  • Trilogy Creep: It's supposedly The Archangel Trilogy, but Shinn has also come out with two side stories (Angelica and Angel-Seeker).
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