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Angelic adjective – Of or relating to angels.
Divine is a synonym for angelic in sweet topic. In some cases you can use "Divine" instead an adjective "Angelic", when it comes to topics like heavenly, radiant, virtuous, godly.
Nearby Words: angel, angelical, angelically, angelica, angelia
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Divine adjective – Of the very best kind.
Angelic is a synonym for divine in heavenly topic. You can use "Angelic" instead an adjective "Divine", if it concerns topics such as godly, radiant, virtuous, godlike.
Nearby Words: divination, divinely, divined, divining, diviner
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Things that words describes

energy angelic energy divine energy
power angelic power divine power
hero angelic hero divine hero
order angelic order divine order
Other nouns: race, status, equivalent, nature, origin, entity, form, figure, influence, light, blood, voice, messenger, weapon, intervention, sword, powers, creatures, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Top God The Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda is similar to the supreme being of Abrahamic religions, but rules over a pantheon of divine or angelic figures called Ahuras, Amesha Spentas, and Yazatas.
    Source: Top God
  • Other gestures facilitate the drawing of geometric or esoteric figures as focal points for summoning divine/angelic beings.
  • Rituals commonly call upon divine/angelic powers and invoke a kinship between the practitioners and Supreme Goodness (often called "the Light").
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