Anger and Infuriate


Anger verb - To make angry.
Usage example: it's virtually impossible to anger Mrs. Peterson—she's the most easygoing person I've ever known

Infuriate is a synonym for anger in enrage topic. In some cases you can use "Infuriate" instead a verb "Anger", when it comes to topics like feelings, become mad. popular alternative

Nearby Words: angry, angered, angering


Infuriate verb - To make angry.
Usage example: the quarterback's stupid mistake infuriated the coach

Anger is a synonym for infuriate in enrage topic. You can use "Anger" instead a verb "Infuriate", if it concerns topics such as feelings, make angry. popular alternative

Nearby Word: infuriating

Common collocations

people anger people infuriate people
crowd anger crowd infuriate crowd
father anger father infuriate father
anyone anger anyone infuriate anyone
Other words: groups.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Inside Out Anger, too, as the constant imperfections of San Francisco infuriate him.
  • While the challenges he issues are pretty much what you'd expect from a ten-foot-tall evil Viking, Warp magic causes even the crudest insult to infuriate the target so they immediately run over to shut him up, and in their anger often make big mistakes when dueling him.
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